Naples Real Estate FAQs

Common Frequently Asked Questions regarding Naples Real Estate

What are the property taxes in Naples?

Property taxes in Naples (Collier County) are very low. The tax rate in Naples is approximately 1.2% of the appraised tax value. Compare that to neighboring Lee County (Estero/Bonita Sprints/Ft Myers) which is around 1.8% in most cases.

Appraised tax values in Naples FL are set as of January 1 each year, based on closed comparable sales of the previous year. So for example, a home's property tax for year 2016, would be based on similar closed sales in year 2014. So the taxes appraised value of a home, lags a year or so behind the homes current value.

Also tax appraised values are conservatively set, as the tax appraiser does not want 300,000 residents appealing for an adjustment in their home’s tax appraised value.

A few communities have a Community Development District (CDD) payment, which is separate from the property tax rate. The CDD amount is added to the tax bill.

What are the best communities for my money?

There is no better community for a given price range. Only many different good options and choices based on personal choices.

What existing areas are the up-and-coming areas?

There are no up-and-coming areas.

What area or neighborhood would make the best investment opportunity?

There is not a particular neighborhood that will outperform other neighborhoods.. Individual properties that can be purchased at a very good value will do better. Also the lower the price range, the greater the demand, the greater the value growth.

I see two similar homes priced very differently in the same location. Why?

One seller wants more money. The other, more practical.

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