Naples Homes with Acreage

Those looking for acreage in the under million dollar range will be looking in Golden Gate Estates. That is where 95% of home sales are with an acre or more.

As far as the main Naples area, there are not many homes that sit on an acre or more. They do exist, but they are scattered here and there. The exception is the Pine Ridge neighborhood. The Pine Ridge neighborhood was developed for those looking for an acre or more close to town in the 1970s. All homes within Pine Ridge come with an acre or more.

Before Pine Ridge, all the early Naples neighborhoods where laid out on the traditional north-south and east-west street grid. Pine Ridge was the first exception with winding and curving roads.

Pine Ridge Area

2014 Selling Prices

Selling prices in Pine Ridge for 2014 ranged from $407,000 to $4.3 million, with the average sell price at $1.1 million.

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