Naples Community and Neighborhoods Overview

Naples Florida has over 500 separate developments. These developments originated as single planned construction projects. Many of these projects have one or more subdivisions. There are over 1,000 subdivisions in the Naples area. And each subdivision is governed by its own separate set of Homeowner Association (HOA) or Condo Association Rules.

For example Pelican Bay, one of Naples largest developments, both in area and the number of homes has 83 separate subdivisions. They include high-rise buildings, single family homes, duplexes and various condo communities. Pelican Bay has 30 different high-rise building, each being their own subdivision.

The City of Naples is surrounded by a collection of large and small developments. The map below shows the City of Naples and large commercial/industrial sections as grayed out areas. Golden Gate Estates shaded red. And the Naples Park, Golden Gate City and Naples Manor non-HOA neighborhoods shaded yellow. The rest of the area is 99% developments and subdivisions. Governed by HOA documents or condo documents or both.

The largest developments with over 2,000 homes are shown shaded in blue..

I am familiar with all of Naples developments, subdivision, neighborhoods and communities (these terms are often interchangeable) and will be happy to help any buyer looking to sort through the differences.

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