The Naples Florida Area

The City of Naples represents just a small section of those with a Naples Florida address. The City of Naples has a US Census population of just 20,000, but there are 300,000 other nearby residents with a Naples address. As there is no other city or suburb in the area that surrounds Naples. Those residing outside the city limits live in unincorporated Collier County.

Many with a Naples address live a long ways from the Naples center area (where all the Naples destination attractions are located). Residents of the Ave Maria development for example, live 35 miles north east of the center area. Residents of the Port of Islands live 25 miles to the south east. The area where residents have a Naples address is more expansive than Los Angles. Some residents in the neighboring cities of Ft. Myers and Cape Coral live closer to the Naples center, than some with a Naples address.

All those residing within the red shaded area on the map below, have a Naples address

Much of the eastern Naples area is residential acreage known as Golden Gate Estates. In the "Estates" the residential lots are an acre or more. Residents use wells for water and septic systems for wastes.

Naples has many outlying developments/communities. The Naples area west of I75 is virtually built out, as such current and future growth is in the outer areas known as the rural fringe.

Naples Area Map

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