Naples on the Beach Properties

Naples properties located on the beach include single family homes, villa homes, low rise condos (1 to 3 stores), mid rise condos( 4 to 7 stories) and high rise condos (over 8 stories tall). Nearly 50% of the Naples Florida’s 16 mile beach is bordered by preserves, state parks, county parks or city parks. The remaining half is residential areas.

While single family home takes up 30% of this residential area, they account for less than one percent of residents living on the beach. The residential on beach population is 99% condo residents.

At the very northern end of the Naples beach is the Barefoot Beach community. Barefoot beach has both single family homes and condos on the beach. The single family homes are arranged in horse shoe clusters, with the open end of the horse shoe, opened towards the beach. Residents walk out their door, down a walkway and then they are on the beach. Barefoot Beach is furthest beach community from the main Naples area

South of Barefoot Beach, is the Barefoot beach county park, and then Delnor-Wiggins state park.

South of Wiggins is Vanderbilt beach. Starting at Vanderbilt beach, residents are more in the main Naples area, that is closer to Naples main attractions and shopping areas. Vanderbilt beach is primarily condos, but there are also a few single family homes located on the beach.

South of Vanderbilt Beach is the Pelican Bay area. At the very northern end of Pelican Bay is the Ritz Carlton hotel, and then five high rise condo buildings, located within Bay Colony, which is a section of Pelican Bay. Bay Colony also has a dozen single family homes directly on the beach.

There are no other homes on the remainder of  the Pelican Bay beach area, just nature preserves. Pelican bay high rise condo, condos and single family homes are setback one half mile from the beach.

City of Naples Beach Properties

South of Pelican Bay is the the northern end of the City of Naples  with the Park Shore and Moorings neighborhoods. Residents in these neighborhoods are in the heart of Naples and within a short distance to everything that Naples has to offer.

Condos on the Park Shore beach are mostly within  high-rises between 15 and 20 stores. The combine market value of the high rise condos on Park Shore is in excess of $4 billion.

For the Mooring beach neighborhoods, building are generally in the two story to eight story range.

Along the southern end of the Moorings is Naples popular Laudermilk Park and the Naples Beach and Golf Resort Hotel.

 South of the Beach Resort begins Naples single family beach homes. All city streets end at the beach with beach access, so residents of neighboring homes are within easy walking distances to the beach.

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