Naples Beach High Rises

Any building in Naples eight stories or more is considered a high rise building. There are no high rise office buildings in Naples, only high rise condos.

Naples beach high rises are concentrated in the Park Shore Neighborhood. The 25 buildings sit on a strip of land between the beach and the Venetian Bay. The area the high rises sit on is just 1.25 miles long and .25 miles wide.

 Naples high rise buildings range from 131 condo units to just 28 - the Enclave has just one building per floor. There are a total of 2,252 high rise condo unit at Park Shore


Naples Multi-Billion Dollar Coast - the high rises at Park Shore have a combined market value in excess of $4 billion.


The buildings weave on a back and forth system that has some buildings close to the beach, and others sitting a little off the beach. This system was designed in a way to get each building a good view of the beach. There is a sidewalk that parallels the beach, and encircles the grass terraces between buildings.

The Venetian Village, a popular shopping and dining district that sits on a peninsula in the Venetian Bay, just east of the high rises.

Park Shore High Rise Prices

The follow chart show the Park Shore high rise values from lowest to highest:

2015 High Rise Selling Amounts
Park Shore

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