Naples Florida Outdoor Activities

Many of the outdoor activities occur within the residents' communities. Many residents have access to golf, tennis, swimming, biking and more as part of the amenity package of their community.

Naples Golf

Golf is Naples number one outdoor activity in the winter, even exceeding beach visits. With 60 different Naples golf courses, averaging 200 rounds a day, ends up with 12,000 players in a day.

Most golf courses are either part of the community package or private membership - either member owned or corporate owned. There are only a handful of public play golf courses in Naples. Read More.

Visiting the Beach

Naples has 16 miles of beaches that are beautiful. There is easy access through many of City beaches or through City Parks, County Parks and State Parks. Read More



Most tennis is played within the separate communities that offer tennis. Naples does have free standing tennis centers such as Naples Bath and Tennis. Also the City and County parks have tennis programs.

Water Sports

Water sports such a fishing, boating, sailing and kayaking are big outdoor activities in Naples. Fishing is great in the backwaters and out in the Gulf of Mexico. 10,000 Island Nation Park can be easily reached by routes through connecting backwaters.

There are plenty of fishing guide in the area, several working out of the City Dock. Group charter fishing boats go out of Tin City on the Naples Bay every day. The Naples Pier has a regular group of fisherman.

The Naples Bay, and other bays within Naples provide many residents with gulf access out their back doors. There are marinas for boaters that do not have gulf access. There are boat clubs, where members have several choices in what type of boat they would like to take out. There are also several boat rental marinas where boats can be rented for the day.

Kayaking or canoeing the backwater will bring you close to the wildlife.


The City of Naples and Collier County have miles of bike lanes. These lanes are mostly lanes that have been added to existing street and highways. Some of the newer highway were built wider to accommodate bike lanes.

Collier County has been adding separate bike paths that are not sharing the road with traffic. And these efforts continue. For current bike maps google "collier county bike routs."

Naples Many Activities

  • Naples Botanical Garden
  • Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens
  • Hiking in one of the many surrounding parks or preserves, such as Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary or Rookery Swamp Trails
  • Outdoor church service every Sunday at Cambier Park in Olde Naples.
  • Conservancy of Southwest Florida - hiking and education
  • On and on


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