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Hello, I am Tom Doyle, a Naples Florida Realtor. Thanks for visiting my guide to Naples Florida Real Estate. If you are looking for a buyer’s agent in Naples Florida to help you with a home purchase, then you are at the right place. You have found an experienced Naples Realtor who is very knowledgeable in the Naples area real estate market.

I have personally owned over a dozen different properties in the area and have lived in ten different Naples FL locations. I am very familiar with the benefits and disadvantages of the many different Naples neighborhoods.

Naples Realtors are not All the Same

The local Realtor Board has approximately 5,000 Realtors. Naples has been at that level of practicing Realtors for years. But with a large turnover in agents each year. Some make it, most don’t. Around 50% of Realtors in Naples FL have either one or no transactions in any year. Approximately 17% of us, do 80% of the transactions.

Of all the Realtors in the Naples area, only a small percentage actually make a living in real estate. Many are retired from their careers in other industries, some have other full-time careers, other have their license for something to try. For most, if you ask them what business they are in, they will say real estate. .

If someone has a Florida real estate license, that means they can sell real estate anywhere in the state of Florida. It does not mean they are knowledgeable or experienced. I can assure you, your purchase process will be most successful and hassle free with an agent that is knowledgeable and experienced.

Choose a Naples Real Estate Agent With

  • A strong background in analytics – someone that understand market dynamics, comparable sales and trends
  • Deep experiences with contract negotiations and finances
  • Truly understands what is going on with the Naples real estate market at any time, and understands all the nuances of what can sometimes be a complicated contractual process
  • Can separate fluff from the true potential of a property – good or bad

Unlike most of the Naples real estate agents, I do not farm or concentrate on a specific neighborhood. I am fortunate to have worked with many buyers, and as such know all the communities and property types out there. I have worked with sales on the beach, golf course communities, gated communities, estate homes, local neighborhoods and virtually everything Naples has to offer



I attended college in Ohio. From there I practiced as a CPA with a national CPA firm. Responsible for both the audits of fortune 500 companies and smaller business. This was mostly in Minneapolis and the Minnesota area. I then migrated into business consulting, developing business plans, strategic plans and marketing solutions for national banks and retailers.

When I took a working vacation in Naples for a month, I ended up liking it so much, I thought to myself, why go back to Minnesota? Which is a great place by the way. I had been to  Florida many times, and never thought I would end up living in Florida. But Naples is not similar to the rest of Florida.

As Naples already had 5,000 Realtors for a very small area, I figured they could use one more - but one with a background that was actually well suited for the job - finance, analytics and client services. My entire career has centered on providing clients with intelligent solutions. I will be happy to help you find that new Naples home.

Contact Me

I will be happy to advise any potential buyer or seller who is thinking about the next stage. You will find me easy going, with many useful insights and information.

Either call or email. I am usually busy during the day showing properties to clients. If I am with clients, I will not be able to pick up at that time, so just leave a message and I will get back to you soon. Emailing is a very good option, as I tackle my emails throughout the day

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