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Naples Temperatures

Naples semi-tropical weather zone, makes for warm, dry and pleasant winters. While the summers are hot and humid each day. The weather in Naples during the winter is mild and dry with average high temperatures of 70s and 80s. Occasionally the high temperature does not make it to 70, but usually by the next day it is back in the 70s.

Naples weather in the summer has daily temperatures consistently in the 93 degree range. It is rare for temperatures in Naples to go much higher. Naples record high is 98 degrees, which is much lower than the record highs in northern cities.

Naples FL Average Daily Temperature

It would be hard to find better winter temperatures anywhere else in the country. For example, see how Naples winter temperatures compare to those of Tallahassee, in the Florida panhandle and to Scottsdale, Az.

Avg Daily Temperature Comparison

Naples Average Rainfall Totals

Naples winter months are dry with low humidity. Rainfall totals in the Naples area are very low during the winter months. Rain is a results of a rare weather front passing through.

Low rain totals result in drought conditions. Lake levels in the area fall and the surrounding swamplands dry out. When thunderstorm conditions begin to redevelop in late April, lighting strikes occasionally ignite fires in the surrounding swamplands – which have turned to dry-lands. When the Naples summer weather patterns return, rains become more frequent, and the swamplands return to swamp, and the fire hazard is diminished.

Naples  summers are humid and rainy. The summertime weather pattern brings rain showers in most afternoons. Summer showers are usually very short in duration, but intense. Around October 1, of each year, the weather changes and Naples enters its winter weather dry season.

Naples FL Average Monthly Rainfall Totals

Naples Average Gulf Water Temperatures

Gulf of Mexico water temperatures off the Naples coast are warm in the summer and cool in the winters.

Naples Gulf of Mexico Water Temperatures

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